Alarm Comp (Various Artists) CD

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This is ACR's first Compilation CD entitled "Alarm Comp", it features 25 Songs by 20 different Artists of virtually every Genre including: Punk, Ska, Hip Hop, Indie, Folk, Electronica, Dance, R&B, Emo, Acoustic, etc... It's 80 Minutes of unreleased/out of print tracks: 1.Dormlife "Addison" 2.This Is Me Smiling "Andy Apathy" 3.Me Myself And Rhyme feat. Sam I Am "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" 4.The Fad "Vinyl Paradise" 5.Bright Like Japan "Wish I Had More" 6.Unique Chique "Now I Am Kneeling" 7.Dr Manhattan "Who's Going To Pay For The Door" 9.H2O Soul feat. Noah "Under My Skin" 10.Vapor Eyes feat. Capriquarius "Accessory" 11.The Brokedowns "Brains" 12.The Rutabega "Pellets" 13.Gnight Gnight "Jewels Of The Pool" 14.DRS "Just Dance" 15.Ellen Loves Everything "Misunderstandings" 16.The Fad "Bright Lights And Texaco Stations" 17.Ryan's Hope "In A Sea" 18.Me Myself And Rhyme "Shoot From The Hip" 19.Elephant Gun "Waltz (#1)" 20.Model Cars "Falling From The Sky" 21. Flowers For Dorian "Karma Cancer" 22.Colossal "Tri-Fecta" 23.Coachhouse "Exiting" 24.Dormlife "3:33" 25.Dr Manhattan "Breath Of An Epoch"